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Debbie's Art Gallery

Being a doer and a lover of art, along with everything else, I do think of myself as somewhat of an artist of another sort. Artists, in general are usually of another sort anyway,  however, I have found my self in a world where you either are or you are not, even in the art world and by definitions by artists themselves. Since my path has been one of a complexity that I cannot say I am or I am not an artist, in the fullest of  translations, I have to say that sometimes I am and sometimes I am not, depending on how I feel and what I am doing. As a Counselor, I usually see myself as a counselor, if I am doing the traditional thing, an Art Psychotherapist since I do have training in Art Therapy, sometimes called Art Psychotherapy, and depending on the political correctness of the situation. On this page, I am the artist.

Oh, so you thought it was going to be simple from then on, huh? Depends on how you look at it. Doing my art, whatever media I choose at the moment, I usually do not plan my work. (Ha, so some of you will say, "it shows.") I might wait for it to happen or I might just start drawing where ever my hand goes, within the boundary of the paper or canvas, of course. But, the main thing is that my mind is clear when I do start. I require that because I want my work to be from my unconscious as much as possible. I want it so that I may look at it as if I am looking at another person to see who they are. My art tells me who I am. Not in words but in images and feelings. Since I pride myself in working with feelings, one would think that is the best bet. As I do it, I gain such a peace within. Afterwards I gain such an awareness, a healing, a rejuvenating, so that I can do my life's work.

Ah, so you say, "we know what her life's work is." Well, let me clue you in, folks, it is not exactly what it seems to be, this counselor stuff and all. Yes, that is a part of it but let me tell you, there are many other things going on all the while I am dong this counselor stuff so I will have to let that part out in a book someday, if that is the path that finds me (Oh yeah, I am supposed to find it, huh?). Meanwhile, just look at my art, and see what you can see. Whatever you see, you are right.

To view any of these works larger, click on a picture below. If I could present some of these in rotated positions, I would. But I have not figured out how do to that yet. seems it would be very time consuming. Anyway, click a picture:

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