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Financial Information:

Credit Card (PayPal payments)


Insurance (Updated March 21, 2012 )

















I have tried to provide my knowledge of which insurance companies I have been contracted with but please check your with your insurance to make sure I am a provider as they tend to merge, change their names, or use different mental health services that are not usual because of different contracts with different companies so this list may have outdated names or semi-correct information. If I am not a provider for your insurance company, they may have out-of network benefits that will also pay for my services if I am not on your provider list. As far as I know, I am currently a provider for the following:

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Credit Card:

For making credit card or debit payments for services or co-payments, click the link below to access PayPal. You will be taken to the PayPal page to submit your information. Payments will be made directly into my account and I will receive an email that you have submitted a payment.  Kind'a nifty, huh!  Thanks for using this.  Let me know how it goes. Email:

click this link:

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