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My Philosophy of Treatment

One of the hardest things for me to do for this web site, or ever for that matter, has been to narrow down exactly what my philosophy, or theory is so that I could let people know who and how I am as a therapist. However, I was not wanting to just throw out a bunch of psychobabble identifying what I am trained in or what I have read, to make myself sound good, and perhaps even intimidate people away from coming to get help. And, if I used all that psychobabble, it probably would not be an accurate assessment of my philosophy/theory anyway. Then how can I put into a small blurb such a thing that is as complicated and diverse as the people I see?

I like to see myself as a fellow explorer, looking for the true healing sources of individuals and then help them find that in themselves. What that actually means is that I believe that all humans, and creatures, have a source or life force within them that some call "God" and I believe it to be within as well as with out.  I have found that believing that very thing has brought to me an awareness that I can use to help others find that source or God within. I often find myself exploring with my clients for the answers...their unique answers and not of the canned variety. The answer to their particular problem.

I don't like to call myself "New Age" nor do I think I am totally traditional. I think of myself as having a flavor unique in itself that has a pinch of traditional and a pinch of New Age...and then a pinch of something else, as one would create a new recipe. Eclectic is also a good word to use but even that has it's ways that are not so like my style. At any rate, I am going to eventually attempt to describe a style that can be used without falling into a rut...perhaps we can call it the Creative Philosophy/Theory of Treatment in that it may borrow from other theories but it also may come up with things that others have never done. People are so diverse that each one of us would have to use a unique path to happiness. Creativity is, in all of it's forms, what man is good at, even when they do not recognize it as creativity.

I have always said...and I don't know if anyone famous ever said it too...but if God is the greatest creator and we were created in his image, that indicates that creativity is what we have as well and just might be the closest thing to God as we can get, also indicating to me that it is the source of all things, healing and all the other stuff, but for my purposes here, the source for healing. This is not too traditional of a philosophy, nor is it totally New Age so let's just say "it is what it is."

For you, I hope to help you to find and create all you can be.